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Welcome to the Sky Ocean Rescue Activation portal. A suite of materials designed to help you tackle single use plastic (SUPs) in your organisation. On this site, you’ll find all the information you need to get started on your SUP journey, plus more in depth resources if you’re a bit further along.

This is a beta version, so apologies if everything isn’t perfect just yet.  

Why should I take action as part of Sky Ocean Rescue?

“By 2050, the plastic in our oceans could weigh more than all the fish.”
Source: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Plastic is a huge problem for wildlife and our health: it gets into the water we drink and food we eat. Most types of plastic are not biodegradable, meaning once it’s in our oceans, it stays for centuries and single use plastics, like plastic waters are the biggest offenders. Sky want to transform our business and encourage others who work with us to do the same.

We need to turn off the tap

Recycling plastic waste is not enough. In the UK we recycle only about 45% of waste, and our recycling infrastructure isn’t able to treat all of the plastic material generated each year.

Single-use plastic infographic
Single-use plastic infographic

Sky Ocean Rescue: The campaign to date

Thousands of people across the UK, from Rebecca Adlington, to Sky employees have taken part in Sky Ocean Rescue over the past year.

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