Kick off and get going, Activation Kit Level 1

This Level 1 Activation Kit provides a simple step-by-step guide to taking action on SUPs, with links to “fast track” resources for single use plastic (SUP) reduction, and to more in depth resources from Sky’s “Sky Ocean Rescue: Business Transformation Toolkit.”.

Level 1 is designed to help you get going quickly… It’s a primer for the more in-depth “SUP Activation Level 2”, which builds on the action you’ve already taken, to expand the SUP reduction process around your organisation.

? Already taking action on SUPs ?... If you’re already doing what’s described here, well done! The next level SOR Activation framework is coming soon. In the meantime, we would love to learn from your experiences, and share your story. Contact the Sky Ocean Ninjas? Anna? To learn more.

The Sky Ocean Rescue Activation Kit

Ready to take action on single use plastic? Follow these steps to get going..

Step 1: Get up to speed with Sky Ocean Rescue

Read up on Sky’s Ocean Rescue initiative, how we define SUPs, and Sky’s own SOR commitments

Step 2: Create your plan

First, select the actions you will take to rid yourself of SUPs. Use the Swap Sheet to select between 3 and 5 items to kick out. Try and target the SUPs where you can make the biggest impact, most quickly…

Need help deciding what SUPs to target? Check out Sky’s “prioritisation and measurement”, tool
Looking for guidance? Check out the SOR "Common challenges and tips for kicking SUP"
Top tip: make sure you talk to your waste disposal suppliers and procurement teams. They’ll be invaluable in helping you understand what’s possible.

Step 3: Find your key people

Two heads are better than one, if you haven’t found a buddy to help you, now might be the time. Next, find your key contacts. Ask yourself who in your organisation is responsible for:

  • Sourcing
  • Using
  • Disposing of
  • Supplying
    ..the SUPs on your list. These will be people like your procurement and facilities managers.

Make a list and say hi, telling them what you plan to do, and asking them for help.

Top tips:

  • Make sure you talk to your waste disposal suppliers and procurement teams. They’ll help you understand what’s possible straight away.
  • Don’t worry if you’re locked into contracts, ask procurement to add a ‘no SUPs’ clause in future contracts and engage your suppliers to see what’s possible under your current one.
  • Can’t swap an SUP? Don’t worry. Can you switch to a recyclable version? See Sky’s hierarchy for more information about how to decide how to act. 
  • Try and involve people from across the organisation, including senior management, to support you.

Need some inspiration?

  • Read about how Sky worked with supplier Unipart to change its operations.
  • Check out Sky’s Rosbox, the plastic free packaging that’s the product of some real design thinking.

Step 4: Get measuring!

To understand how far you’ve got, you’ll need to know your starting point. Establishing a baseline level of SUP use is key.

  • First, calculate the weight of the plastic you’re giving the boot. If you can, get the weight from the supplier. If you can’t, an old fashioned pair of scales are your friends. Multiply the weight by the number of units you use on average to get the total.
  • Now you have a baseline from which to measure your progress.

Need help? See Sky’s measurement tips

Need inspiration? Read about how X established their plastics baseline


Step 5: Get going...

It’s time to take action and banish those SUPs. Here’s where you and your buddies really kick off. Set yourself a timeline to keep you on track. What will you have done in a week, a month, and three months? What kind of impact do you want to make?

Need inspiration? Download our handy Swap Sheet 

Step 6: Start talking...

Over X organisations from sport clubs and venues to logistics suppliers and communications agencies have signed up to get rid of SUPs by 2020. And the more people who know about what’s going on, the more impact we can have. To increase your impact, draft a public pledge or target you’re comfortable with and communicate it to your employees, customers, or fans.

Check out our Guide to Communicating Sky Ocean Rescue
Need inspiration: read Sky’s Ocean Rescue commitment

Step 7: Celebrate your success!

Well done! You’re well on your journey to SUP reduction and creating happier, healthier oceans. Communicate your progress, say thanks to everyone involved and get in touch with your good news stories. We might be able to feature you on one of our channels.


Step 8: Rinse and repeat... you’ve just got started

You’ve made the first moves, engaged key people and started to make an impact. It’s time to level up, and move onto the SOR SUP Activation Kit LEVEL 2

(And remember... you don’t have to wait, you can build on your initial commitments at any time… You and your buddies will find inspiration and opportunity in surprising places. And as you engage more people the opportunity and momentum will grow…)