How to #PassOnPlastic

Small, everyday changes can make a big difference to help save our oceans from drowning in plastic.

Here are 5 top tips on how you can #PassOnPlastic :


Use a reusable water bottle

Water bottles make up around half of all plastic bottles. To reduce the 7.7 billion plastic water bottles used in the UK each year, drink what you want, when you want, whenever you want with a reusable water bottle, and you can make a huge difference.

Use a reusable coffee cup

Brits have always been known for their love of tea, but over the past decade we've also become a nation of coffee lovers! Over 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away every year, and just 1 in 400 are recycled.

Be your own barista with a stylish and super durable reusable coffee cup! By opting out of the takeaway game you can have a double hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and whipped cream totally guilt-free!

Carry a sustainable shopping bag

Taking up to 1000 years to decompose, plastic carrier bags can be bags for life...literally.

Swap the plastic for a sustainable alternative and you could use your bag again and again and again!

Bring back the lunch box

We know that it's hard as a consumer to find food-on-the-go that doesn't come with single-use bring back the lunchbox! By bringing in your lunch in reusable containers you can cut your everyday plastic footprint down massively, and eat the things you really want!

Say 'No' to plastic straws

Every straw that has ever been made is still around, so carry a reusable straw with you so you can slurp sustainably! Or, simply say 'no' to plastic straws in your sodas, juices, mocktails, cocktails and everything in-between - saving the oceans could be as easy as saying 'I'll pass, thanks.'