Dee tells the story of plastic waves and a lone Albatross

Something you might not know about your Turn the Tide on Plastic Skipper Dee Caffari, is that she was desperate in any, way, shape or form to be involved in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. When the concept of 'Turn the Tide on Plastic' came about it was like a dream come true. Not only would she get to sail but she would get to be a skipper. 

Enthusiastic about the thought of running her own campaign and supporting a cause she believed in, Dee threw herself into learning about ocean health and single-use plastic. From the day this race started, we have watched as Dee and her team have become stronger and stronger each day.

Yet with every single day that passes they have become deeply saddened by what they are seeing first hand in our oceans. 

If there was ever a doubt a change needed to come about, this account from Dee should be all you need.

"The saddest news today. It was unbelievable. So, here we are in the Southern Ocean, miles from land and people - we were all on deck setting up for a sail change and we are being watched by the Albatross who glide effortlessly over the crests of the breaking waves, guardians of the South. Then we see polystyrene tumbling across a wave. It was a large amount. Imagine a big kitchen appliance or large screen TV and the corner protective area is a corner of polystyrene. I mean, who gets deliveries down here? This, over time and some decent weather, will breakdown and the beautiful Albatross and Petrels down here will confuse the microplastics as food. So sad and so humbling to see our message is so real. We didn't even need a filter to see what would happen to that lump of plastic…"