As we sail through the South Pacific, it conjures up a tropical paradise in one's mind. The reality is there is very little to see, but today was a little different.

We sailed pretty close to an island called Sikaiana Island. We passed to the north of it and we saw a dense lush vegetation of coconut trees and a clean surf break on the beach. It had crystal clear blue water and looked idyllic, like a true picture postcard. This island is part of the Solomon Islands that we are passing before making our way to Auckland, New Zealand. In the sea the marine life increased, we saw flying fish and rays, we saw an increased number of birds and it was a delight.

The devastating thing about today and this tropical paradise on one side of the boat was the contrast in the water on the other side of the boat. There was an endless trail of plastic waste in the water. There was plastic food packaging, polystyrene, bottles, plastic boxes and plastic bags. It was such a shame and such a contrast.

We all realise that fully inhabited areas are more likely to create more waste and we must act, but when you see our waste reach the far corners of our oceans it is a reality check that we must change our behaviours and habits to make a difference. We have a long way to go but just our team of ten sailors and our on board reporter cannot ignore what we saw today. We must be Ocean Ambassadors and spread the word of what we experience out here and encourage everyone to #PassOnPlastic and become an #OceanHero.

Dee and team TTTOP

Watch the video below to see the devastating effects that plastic waste is having on our oceans, direct from the boat!