To celebrate students heading back to school, we've got a few tips and products to share that can help you #PassOnPlastic! These eco-essentials won't only help to save our oceans but can help you keep plastic out of the playground. Read below for our top list of back to school products...

Here's our top 5 products for the classroom.

1. First is the super ruler brought to you by Onyx and Green, not only is it made from natural and renewable Bamboo but it's also 100% biodegradable!

2. Art will never be unsustainable again with these coloured pencils made from recycled newspaper. What ocean pictures can you draw with these 12 bright colours?

3. Putting a spin on the traditional fountain pen is the Squire Rollerball Pen. Made from aluminium, this piece of stationary will last you till the end of the year (and many more to come!). You can top-up your ink using the stainless steel refills, passing on those pesky plastic cartridges! 

4. You're going to need somewhere to store all of your new sustainable kit, so why not consider a new pencil case? Hand made from recycled cotton so you can save our seas.

5. Just in case of an emergency, it's always good to have some plasters at hand. Patch have developed a the worlds first organic plaster with eco-friendly ingredients that save your skin from irritation.


It's not just in the classroom that we need to be making ocean friendly decisions, we need to be eco-heros when we walk the halls too!

Why not try the trendy V-10 trainers for P.E.? They're made using waste from the corn industry, as well as being vegan too.

With the winter weather drawing in, we need to make sure you stay warm and protected from the cold. ARKET have designed a coat that's made from recycled materials which is both water and wind proof - talk about an all-in-one!

Our last two eco-products are easy wins for all!

Sometimes using plastic lunchboxes can be harmful to us, so why not switch to a lunchbox made of wheat fibre? Not only is is good for you, but it's good for the environment too as it's fully biodegradable. 

To carry all of your plastic free gear in style, we recommend the Re-Kanken Mini. It's a special edition backpack that's made from recycled plastic bottles! With so many colours to pick from, you'll be able to match your school uniform in no time.

We're always keen to see the amazing things students are doing to #PassOnPlastic. So please share your amazing work with us on social media @SkyOceanRescue and don't forget to use #PassOnPlastic!

To learn more about the plastics problem and how you can #PassOnPlastic , check out our student resources here.