To celebrate the second anniversary of the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, we announced a project to bring you three one-hour programmes broadcast live from 300 meters beneath the sea - Deep Ocean Live.

Sky News, Sky Atlantic and Sky Ocean Rescue have partnered with scientists from the Nekton mission to dive deep into the ocean to discover more about what lives there, the impacts of plastic and to broadcast the first ever news bulletin from under the sea.

We will be sending two submarines 300 meters beneath the Indian Ocean to explore the area of Aldabra located in the Seychelles. Through three one-hour episodes you will be introduced to life under the sea. You can tune in on Sky News from the 18th to the 20th March live at 8am, with each live show available to watch on Sky News and Sky Atlantic from 8pm the same evening.

The science behind the broadcast

Due to being 300 meters under the sea, the Sky News team aren't able to use the standard broadcasting procedures. Instead, they've adopted a way of transmitting live video and audio through LED lights.

A receiver, attached to the main boat by cable, will descend and sit in between the two submarines. Using LED lights, the receiver will be able to receive audio and visual signals from each sub. These signals will then be transferred through the cable to the ship on the ocean surface. Here, the signal is broadcast live directly from the ship via satellite to your TV.Β 

I think we have been looking up when we should have been looking down. We have had this great era of space exploration and that has pushed back the frontiers of our knowledge. But the deep ocean is the last great frontier, the last great piece of our planet that we still don't know about.

Oliver Steeds, Nekton mission director

Watch the first episode of Deep Ocean Live here

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