What is Dive In & Do It?

Dive In & Do It is a brand new Sky Kid’s series, for 6-10 year olds and is part of our commitment to inspire young people to make simple everyday changes to stop our ocean from drowning in plastic. By delving into the issues of single-use plastic and other issues facing our oceans, children will be able to learn about what it means to be single-use plastic free.

Each 5 minute episode is presented by Paddy, Ynez and Reis, and their turtle friend Logey. The team learn about plastic pollution and find out what small steps we can all make to reduce single-use plastics and care for our oceans! With each episode comes a clever life-hack and introduces plastic free alternatives.

Episodes 1-5 can now be found on the Sky Kids App and on-demand. Keep your eyes peeled for episodes 6-12! 

Episode Sneak Peek

  1. PLASTIC WHALE – Reis meets a giant whale called Plasticus, who is made of the same weight of plastic entering our oceans every second of every day. Paddy & Ynez find out from Logey why our oceans are so important and the threat that all this plastic presents sea creatures as well as humans.
  2. WATER – Paddy learns about the billions of single-use plastic water bottles used around the world every day. Ynez decides to use a refillable bottle for her water from now on and she and Paddy show us how to customize your very own bottle.
  3. STRAWS – Logey is horrified to find Ynez drinking from a plastic straw and explains how dangerous straws can be for sea creatures. Paddy & Ynez embark on an experiment to find plastic straw alternatives. Which is the best? – Metal, glass, paper or…. no straw at all!
  4. PLASTIC BAGS – Paddy shows Ynez how to make a reusable bag out of an old t-shirt so that she can cut single-use plastic bags out of her life for good.
  5. SEAL SANCTUARY – Reis visits Mablethorpe seal sanctuary and meets some of the seals that have been rescued from the North Sea. He learns how they have been injured by plastics that have found their way into the sea and how the sanctuary care for the seals until they can be released back into the wild.
  6. BEACH CLEAN – Reis and Ynez head off to the Norfolk coast to take part in a beach clean with the Marine Conservation Society. They meet Shel, who shows them some of the strange, serious and curious things they find on their way.
  7. MICROPLASTICS – Paddy is checking through some old household cleaners and cosmetics for any that contain microplastics, tiny pieces of plastics that get washed down the drains and end up in our oceans. Ynez can’t believe something so tiny can cause so much damage. Paddy and Ynez make a skin scrub using only natural ingredients.
  8. BARRIER REEF – Logey, the loggerhead turtle, shows Paddy & Ynez how beautiful coral reefs are, and introduces some of the animals and sea creatures that live there. They chat to Louise from WWF who explains how much damage is being caused to the reefs by pollution, microplastics and climate change. Ynez and Paddy make some signs to hang up at home to remind them to do their bit for climate change, such as by turning off lights.
  9. PLASTIC FREE – Ynez decides that when she grows up she’s going to live her life single-use plastic free and she wants to make a start right now. Paddy explains how not all plastics are bad. Reis visits a shop that doesn’t use any plastic packaging and shows us his Mum’s handy tip for storing vegetables without using plastic.
  10. HENDERSON ISLAND – Paddy has an old pair of flipflops he doesn’t want any more, but he can’t find a way to dispose of them safely. Logey tells them about Henderson Island, an island in the South Pacific Ocean which is covered with plastic rubbish thrown away by us humans. Paddy decides to make his old flipflops into something new instead of throwing them away.
  11. BIODEGRADABLE – Paddy is sorting through his recycling and learning about different recycling symbols. They take a look at the work inventors round the world are doing to find alternatives to single-use plastics and he and Ynez find some interesting ways to avoid single-use plastics on their picnic.
  12. TURTLE SANCTUARY – Ynez is dreaming about going on holiday, swimming in the clear blue sea and all that lovely golden sand. Logey shows her how holiday destinations are being threatened by plastic use. They chat to Giovanni from a Turtle sanctuary in Italy. They are shown how some of the things that he has found in the oceans can cause problems for the beautiful turtles and sea creatures.