Turn the Tide on Plastic may have arrived in Cape Town in last place but spirits remain high on the boat.

The second leg has had its ups and downs from big winds and waves from the off, to our very own navigator, Nico, becoming dad to a baby girl!

The move from the Northern hemisphere to the South was described by Dee Caffari as a ‘big milestone’, as for six of the crew, this was their first time racing across the equator. For nearly 5000 nautical miles of the race beyond the equator, our Turn the Tide on Plastic team found themselves in sight of Team Scallywag who finished Leg 2 just 1 minute and 8 seconds in front!

 On the arrival in Cape Town, Dee reflects on Leg 2:

“The sailors who I finished Leg 2 with are very different to the sailors that I started the leg with. They've grown in competence and confidence and their skill set is much higher. The crew worked really hard and enjoyed the sailing and made it an enjoyable experience to be sailing with them. They left nothing behind and have arrived in Cape Town feeling knackered and needing the rest so now they have some days off to recharge. We’re disappointed with our result because it doesn't reflect what we did on the water and it’s not what our crew deserved. But it's the reality and to be racing that close and intensely has developed our team quickly.”

Check out video below for Leg 2 highlights!

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