Following on Leg 3 in the Southern Ocean, Leg 4 proved to be a real challenge in a different way. Whilst perhaps not so physically demanding, for some it was considerably more of a mental challenge. With five days of drifting around in almost no wind, no respite from the extreme heat and battling it out for first to fighting at the back of the fleet, the crew's tenacity was tested. These conditions were hugely frustrating. During the times they were stationary it was made easier seeing MAPFRE and Dongfeng within eyesight. The team entertained themselves with the game 'what could be worse' where they listed three situations that would be worse than sitting in no wind with equator temperatures, proving that our sailors could still see the light-hearted side of the situation. A couple of notable milestones were achieved on this leg. For Bernardo Freitas it was the longest time he has ever sailed offshore. For Bernardo it was a question of what was harder, the 18 days spent at sea or the visit he received from King Neptune. Both he and Bleddyn Mon underwent the traditional initiation for their first equator crossing, which saw them receive interesting haircuts. We now have a full team of Shellbacks - a term given to sailors who have crossed the Equator.

Watch the Leg 4 highlights video below!