Turn the Tide on Plastic had a flying start to Leg 8 with clean manoeuvres around the In-Port course. Their performance was a great example of the ever improving team. The crew were delighted to hear family and friends all enjoyed the show they put on as they sailed out of Itajaí. 

At sunset the team were sat just behind Spanish team MAPFRE and Dongfeng Race Team with Team Brunel to leeward and the others behind with everyone in sight and doing the same thing. The crew reported "we have a feeling most of Leg 8 will be like this."

 Martin Strömberg has re-joined the crew after recovering from surgery on his knee and looking to this leg compared with previous legs was feeling confident with regards to the comfort of his knee. “It’s an exciting leg for me. It's nice to be back on the boat as I've been away for two legs. My knee is now well and I’m happy to be back. This leg is easier. It's almost 3 weeks long but we start upwind and as we go around Brazil it'll be more and more of a reach and then we don't really know what's going to happen. It could be a low pressure coming off the US. It could be quite interesting.”

Henry Bomby reflected on the Itajaí stopover after finishing the In-Port section. "We just left beautiful Itajaí and after a good week of enjoying the beaches and surfing we're now leaving and heading North to Newport. The In-Port course was a good one for us rounding in 3rd/4th in touch with MAPFRE just ahead of us. This is the first light start we've had so every start so far on every leg has been going into 30knots. We're sad to leave but looking forward to getting up to Newport."

Frederico Melo had mixed feelings. “It was such a good stopover, such a nice place to stay and chill out but the race goes on and the next leg will be to Newport, which is my country of birth so it's also a good place to come in. I'm quite excited for it.”

Turn the Tide on Plastic are learning from each other and about the fine details of board positions, sail trim and keel positions. They are becoming better and better. This leg will see small difference pay off as big differences in the long run so focus is critical. If they can do this combined with the fire in their bellies then hopefully it will be the leg in which they get to finish on the podium.

The race tracker is live for the first 48 hours and can be found here on the Volvo Ocean Race website or on the app.