This is a fast and furious blast across the northern Atlantic Ocean from Newport, Rhode Island to Cardiff, Wales. There are plenty of hazards along this route and there is not a sailor that goes to sea in this area without watching 'A Perfect Storm' before they go. This leg has not failed to deliver although we have plenty of sailing left with a few twists and turns to happen before the end of the leg. We are just over half way and are currently sending it on a fast, wet and wild ride travelling with a depression giving us between 25 and 30 knot winds. We have had to enjoy it while we can as tomorrow life on board will change. Suddenly we will miss getting washed off our feet each time we go on deck!

We have seen icy water temperatures as the Labrador Current has met us with 5 degree water. In contrast the Gulf Stream eddies have helped propel us forward in tropical 16 degree water. The convergence of the two different temperature water has given us thick fog and poor visibility. The sea state has been pretty good with only the occasional wave catching us off guard with a few tumbles and stumbles both on deck and below.

Sadly this has not been a great leg for us finding it tricky to keep on the pace as consistently as the others, however, there are opportunities ahead. We face a high pressure ridge and also a high pressure before the finish with strong spring tides and we have seen before how easy positions can change and surprise us all. Let's hope that surprise comes from us this leg.

Dee and Team Turn the Tide on Plastic