Searching for solutions...

Sky Ocean Rescue have partnered with National Geographic to begin the search for solutions to help tackle the single-use plastic problem. 

Together, we have launched the Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge, a one-year competition, that will focus on three key ways to address the growing issue of plastic pollution. The competition will see successful applicants designing material alternatives, creating zero-waste business models and technologies, and communicating the breadth of the issue through data visualisation.

Those interested in the innovation challenge must submit their solutions by 11th June, where they'll be reviewed by an expert judging panel. Successful submissions will then compete for a share of $1.5 million in awards and investment. The overall winners will be announced in December. 

In the last 60 seconds, another rubbish truck of plastic litter will have been dumped into our oceans, destroying the environment and killing wildlife. Sky and National Geographic have the opportunity and resources to help reverse the damage that is being done. By seeking out and supporting the innovators creating alternative solutions, we can champion the people who can help us find the answer

Fred Michel, Group director of impact and Sky Ocean Ventures

Despite their 131-year history of grantmaking, this will be National Geographic's first innovation challenge. It will become a key component of their 'Planet or Plastic?' initiative which is a global effort to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic that reaches the ocean by raising awareness, elevating science and education, advancing innovation and inspiring action.

Sky Ocean Ventures was launched in March 2018 with a £25 million cornerstone commitment from Sky and the objective of seeking out investment opportunities in start-up innovation businesses that can help solve the ocean plastic waste crisis.

"The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge is a tremendous opportunity to create a global community of problem solvers - innovators, scientists, researchers, storytellers and other creative minds - who are passionate about bringing their ideas to life in order to stem the tide of plastic pollution. National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures are excited to work with competition winners to help create new technologies, business models and other solutions that will bring us one step closer to achieving a planet in balance." Dr. Jonathan Baillie, National Geographic Society executive vice president and chief scientist

To register, and for more information about the challenge, please visit