Anyone running the London Marathon this year? If so, at mile 23 you'll be lucky enough to sample a different type of refreshment. On your journey around the track, make sure you pick up an Ooho! As a Sky Ocean Ventures investment, we're proud to be supporting such a sustainable alternative to the plastic bottle.

What is an Ooho?

Ooho is a sustainable packaging for liquids made from a seaweed-extract. It is a 100% natural alternative to plastic bottles, cups and sachets. The Ooho material is able to degrade in just 6 weeks on average and is also edible.

This innovative creation is currently being trailed as a replacement for small water bottles for when you're out and about, for fresh juices that are made daily, for sauces and condiments used by fast food restaurants, and for hydration in sporting events like marathons!

Plastic bottles are one of the most common items of litter found in the ocean. They take 700 years to decompose, so changing the way we package our refreshments is essential to the protection of the environment. Using an Ooho makes it easy to #PassOnPlastic and help save our oceans, so what better way to trial its use than in the most popular marathon in the world?! An estimated 400,000 people signed up to take part this year alone, imagine how many plastic bottles this can prevent being used. It comes with a bonus for runners too - You don't have to carry it! 

For more information on Ooho and Sky Ocean Ventures, click here. Alternativley, watch the video below.

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