Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, today announced a commitment to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme applying to plastic and glass bottles as well as aluminium cans.

Once introduced, the Scottish public can return their bottles and cans for cashback in a bid to help reduce the volume of plastic pollution and in turn help save our oceans. 

On the announcement today, Group Chief Executive of Sky, Jeremy Darroch, said: "The commitment to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in Scotland is a very positive step in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. Sky Ocean Rescue will continue to highlight the damage caused by single-use plastics. We hope the announcement in Scotland is the start of concerted action by governments and business to join the public who are calling for action to help save our oceans.”

Read more about deposit return schemes here.

Sky Ocean Rescue aims to raise awareness and inspire people to take action to protect our oceans. The recent Plastic Whale Tour, which reached millions through the 15 day tour of the UK and through a social and digital campaign, visited Scotland where there was a passionate response and interest to the cause. Check out our highlights video here to see for yourself:

Find out how you can be an #OceanHero and help reduce single-use plastic consumption and save our ocean here.