Wrapping up the end of 2018 was certainly busy. Here are my top moments in the last three months!

Workshop and presentation with National Geographic in Madrid

Imagine 20 National Geographic Explorers running around the centre of Madrid with cameras practising their photography skills! In October I attended a story telling workshop with National Geographic. It was an intense 3-day workshop where we learnt about social media, filming, photography and presentation tips. At the end of the workshop, we all took to the stage and gave a presentation to the public encompassing everything we had learnt. The best part was learning about everyone’s research passions; from bats to computer coding, there was a huge variety!

The completion of the washing machine lab.

Drum roll please… our washing machine lab is completed and ready for testing! Alongside Aaron, a very talented engineer at my University, we spent hours building the test rig required for my Sky Ocean Rescue and National Geographic project. We are testing lots of different inventions that have been designed to capture fibres in the washing cycle. This is important as a large majority of our clothes are made out of plastic and up to 700,000 fibres can come off every clothes wash. These fibres have the opportunity to go down the drain and into our oceans. Our research will identify how effective these inventions are at capturing fibres and therefore the future of washing our clothes.

Speaking in U.K. Parliament

I never thought I would have the opportunity to share my research in Parliament. I spoke in a specific meeting about clothing and the fashion Industry. The room was full of representatives from clothing brands, washing machine manufactures and environmentalists. Having this collection of people under one roof created a lot of important discussion and identified future aims. This moment reminded myself exactly why I wanted to be a researcher; to help investigate the unknown and get answers which will help shape the planet for the better.

Handing in my PhD

Last but certainly not least – my top moment of 2018 was handing in my PhD! In the lead up to this there were a very late nights and very early mornings fuelled by coffee. Thank you to everyone I met and helped me whilst completing it. However, my research does not stop now and I am excited to take on the challenges of 2019!