Each Friday we provide you with the essential plastic news from the week. This week, we're pleased to be bringing you the latest updates from across the globe. Plus announcing this week's #PassOnPlastic hero!

#PassOnPlastic Hero of the Week

Our #PassOnPlastic Hero this week is...  Rosanne Bostock!

Rosanne founded 'OxClean' in 2007. The initiative that aims to ensure that Oxford is clean and tidy throughout the entire year. It now coordinates 1,200 volunteers and 30 businesses across the city. An absolute inspiration!

1. Wimbledon loses plastic rackets

The All Lawn England Tennis Club have reviewed the amount of plastic that Wimbledon uses, leading to the removal of plastic bags from the player racket string operations.  Tournament sponsor Evian are even launching a water bottle that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

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2. Half of supermarket packaging not easily recyclable

Which? conducted research which revealed that 52% of supermarket packaging is not easily recyclable. The findings of the research clearly convey that supermarkets are not labelling their packaging correctly. As well as this, supermarkets have been called out for the amount of plastic packaging that is used throughout the stores. The most recyclable packaging was from Waitrose and Tesco with 40% of their packaging to be recyclable. Only 40%!

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3. Aldi to produce toilet roll without plastic packaging.

It is indicated that Aldi could save 900 tonnes of plastic each year. The supermarket chain is to remove the plastic packaging from toilet roll in 174 stores. This is part of their reach towards sustainability as they want to ensure that their own label packaging is reusable ,recyclable or compostable by 2022. Since setting their sustainability targets Aldi have removed 2,500 tonnes of hard to recycle plastic.

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