Each Friday we provide you with the essential plastic news from the week. This week, we're pleased to be bringing you the latest updates from across the globe. Plus announcing this week's #PassOnPlastic hero!

#PassOnPlastic Hero of the Week

We'd like to take you on a journey - it's a classic, rags to riches, small town to big city lights story. About a boy from a small village in the mountains of Corsica, home to no more than 80 people who became a professional footballer - no stranger to playing in front of thousands week in week out. The cars, the fashion, the nightlife, the... environmental companies seeking to drive positive change?

This is where the story differs from your average footballer, he chose to invest his time and money into solutions to environmental problems... Introducing this week's #PassOnPlastic Hero... @MathieuFlamini! Flamini is co-founder of GFBiochemicals, the world's first company to mass produce levulinic acid, an ingredient vital for bio fuels. He also runs eco-friendly skincare brand 'Unity' with friend @MesutOzil1088! 

1. Hotels scrap miniature toiletries

Unfortunately for all the miniature toiletry thieves out there, InterContinental Hotels Group will be removing all bottled washroom essentials from their rooms in attempt to cut down on plastic waste.

They estimate to give away around 200 million mini products each year but will instead supply its almost 843,000 guest rooms with bulk-size products instead.

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2. M&S launches discount for customers who bring their own refillable containers

As a part of their plan to reduce single-use plastic, M&S have introduced a 25p discount for customers that bring their own reusable containers into the store. Those that decide to refill and M&S can choose from a variety of hot and cold 'lunch-to-go' options including rotisserie chicken and a range of salads. It's hoped that the discount incentive will encourage customers to change their plastic habits and #PassOnPlastic. You can already redeem a 25p discount by using a reusable coffee cup when ordering a hot drink!

Learn more about the initiative here

3. Supermarket plastic bags sales drop 90% since 5p levy

549 million plastic bags were bought in 2018, which may seem like a huge number but is actually a decrease from the 1.04 billion sold in the previous year. This means that the average shopper is buying just 10 plastic bags a year, down from 140 in 2014. Good going guys!

Morrisons is currently the ruling supermarket with a 64% decrease in their plastic bag sales, with Sainsbury's having to work a little harder with only a 1% decrease.

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