Each Friday we provide you with the essential plastic news from the week. This week, we're pleased to be bringing you the latest updates from across the globe. Plus announcing this week's #PassOnPlastic hero!

A huge congratulations to this week's #PassOnPlastic hero, Ella Daish! Ella has been campaigning for major brands to cut plastic in sanitary products. Thanks to her efforts, Caerphilly council have agreed to tackle period poverty in schools by purchasing eco-friendly alternatives!

1. Scotland bans sale of plastic cotton buds in UK first

Scotland has become the first area in the UK to ban the selling and manufacturing of plastic cotton buds.

The decision to enforce the ban was made back in September and Scotland's environment secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, has said they will "continue to take action on other problematic items in the coming years".  

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2. Andrex told to stop claiming their wet wipes are 'flushable'

Andrex have been advertising their Washlets wipes as "flushable" but it has been found that they don't actually meet Water UK's 'Fine to Flush' standards. 

When wet wipes are flushed, they don't disintegrate like toilet paper and often release microplastics that end up in our oceans. As well as this, flushing wet wipes can contribute to the 366,000 sewer blockages that happen in the UK every year!

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3. UCL to ban crisp packets and petri dishes in crackdown on single-use plastic

The university have made a commitment to phase out the sale and use of single-use plastic products and packaging on its campus by 2024. This includes plastic bottles, disposable cutlery and pipette tips.

UCL are also planning to reduce waste by a fifth per person by 2024 and ban meat from university-catered events by 2030.

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