Each Friday we provide you with the essential plastic news from the week. This week, we're pleased to be bringing you the latest updates from across the globe. Plus announcing this week's #PassOnPlastic hero!

#PassOnPlastic Hero of the Week

Congratulations to Martin Dorey for being this weeks' #PassOnPlastic Hero!

Back in 2009, Martin started the #2MinuteBeachClean - encouraging people to clean up Britain's beaches 2 minutes at a time! 10 years and thousands of minutes later, Martin has written a book No.More.Plastic, and continues to be a powerful voice in the fight to save our oceans!

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1. Could plastic-munching microbes be the key to cleaning up our oceans?

Through beach and river cleans, we're able to collect chunks of plastic and save them from being broken down further in the ocean. But what about the plastics that are too small for us to see, let alone pick up?

In new research, a team of international scientists have tested a new bio-engineered strain of microbe that has a taste for these micro-plastics. 

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Source: www.edie.net
Source: www.edie.net

2. UK Supermarket Morrisons rolls out plastic-free fruit and veg offering nationwide

Supermarket giant Morrisons has announced that following a successful trial, 60 of it's stores across the UK will sell fruit and vegetables packaging free.

So if you've got some funky tote bags at home, this is the time to bring them out and fill them up!

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3. Plastic straws, cotton buds and stirrers to be banned in England

Fantastic news this week as Environment Secretary Michael Gove announces ban on the supply of the items from next Spring after consultation revealed "overwhelming" public support.

The latest measures follow Sky's Ocean Rescue campaign, which encourages people to reduce their usage of single-use plastics.

Sky chief executive Jeremy Darroch said: "Single use plastic is a disease of our own making. We're working hard to get rid of it and completely agree with Michael Gove that urgent and decisive action is needed."

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