As you may have seen on our Instagram story, each Friday we provide you with the essential plastic news from the week. This week, we're pleased to be bringing you the latest updates from Etihad Airways, PepsiCo and Adidas. Plus announcing this week's #PassOnPlastic hero!

#PassOnPlastic Hero of the Week

A big congratulations to Surfers Against Sewage for being the #PassOnPlastic Hero of the week!

Surfers Against Sewage are a grassroots movement that has now become one of the UK's most successful environmental charities. They're completely dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife - with no intentions to throw in the towel until safety is ensured. They encourage everyone to get involved, whether you're a swimmer, dog walker, paddleboarder, beach cleaner, kite surfer, sandcastle builder, ice cream eater or a sun bather, you can get involved too. Join a beach clean, Volunteer or fund raise for this great initiative.

1. Etihad Airways has their first ever flight without single-use plastic

Flying on a plane seems to require a huge amount of plastic. Whether that includes the plastic packaging of your earphones and blanket or the dish your meal and drink are served. Mid-flight, plastic seems inescapable. That could be changing, though. 

On Earth Day, Etihad Airways took to the skies on April 21st, flying a total of 7,471 miles from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane, all without any single-use plastics. In order to achieve this, the Etihad team found alternatives to their typical in-flight products, swapping in edible coffee cups and removing plastic wrappings. Resulting in 50 kilograms of plastic avoiding landfill.

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2. PepsiCo launches drinks dispenser for refillable bottles

PepsiCo has launched a new type of drinks machine, giving its customers, offices and schools the chance to #PassOnPlastic. Surprisingly, the machine won't provide any branded drinks including Pepsi. Instead, users will be able to refill with a variety of non-branded refreshments with flavours such as lemon mint and raspberry lime. The device is available in both floor standing and counter-top models (see below), providing the options to customise sweetness, sugar content and temperature. In addition to the new dispensers, an app will be available to registered users that can report on their water intake and the amount of single-use plastic bottles they've passed on by using the machine. Each user can also use a QR code sticker to be recognised by each different dispenser they use, meaning all of their results will be updated live. The launch of the machines will begin in schools and workplaces first, hopefully becoming a public resource in the future. However, competition is beginning as Evian have also developed their own dispenser.

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3. Adidas launches the world's first fully recyclable running shoe

This week, Adidas revealed it's latest innovation in partnership with Parley for the Oceans: The first fully recyclable running shoe. It's name? Futurecraft Loop. 

Each pair are crafted from one material only and do not include any glue. So when each pair come to the end of their use, they can be returned to Adidas, washed, ground into pellets and then melted down to become a new pair of the same shoes!

Sadly, for the launch, only 200 pairs were released. A future release is targeted to launch in the Spring/ Summer of 2021.

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