Dr Annette Fayet grew up in the Auvergne Mountains in France, and has always been fascinated by nature, and birds in particular. Her love of the ocean developed during regular visits to her grandparents who lived in the Camargue on the Mediterranean Sea.

After studying Physics, Chemistry and Engineering up to Master’s level at the ESPCI Paris, Annette’s career in biology started with a short stay in the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge as a visiting student, after which she joined the University of Oxford to read an MSc in Integrative Bioscience.  Annette worked as a research assistant on remote islands in New Zealand and Wales for a year, where she studied seabirds, before returning to Oxford to start a DPhil investigating the migration of Atlantic puffins. Annette is now a Junior Research Fellow in Biological Sciences at Queen’s College Oxford, where she continues her research in the spatial ecology, behaviour and conservation of seabirds.

Annette’s, current research project is combining innovative technology with machine learning to find out what is causing puffin populations to continually decline, a critical step towards saving this endangered seabird. “My methods could be applied to a large range
 of seabirds,” explains Fayet, “so they should help to inform effective conservation measures for many vulnerable species.”

“I am delighted and honored to be a Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar”, when being asked about collaborating with Sky Scholarships. “As marine biologists we have a responsibility to convey our results to the public to make everyone aware of the threats faced by the ocean – and the Sky Ocean Rescue Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to let more people know about the importance of seabirds and the threats they face”.