Imogen Napper is a PhD student studying at Plymouth University. Imogen’s love for the ocean came from growing up in a seaside town, Bristol, UK and then later in her childhood when she learnt to sail and surf.

Once seeing the effect plastic contamination was having at beaches, her passion to be part of the solution arose. Imogen decided to do an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science which led to a master’s degree in Biotechnology.  Imogen is now finishing her PhD looking into the different sources of plastic in the marine environment at Plymouth University. She has had great results and her work recently helped influence the ban of microbeads in cosmetics internationally and was the first to estimate plastic contamination into the marine environment from different fabrics (such as polyester and acrylic) when washing our clothes.

Imogen will be working to identify the most effective technology for capturing the tiny micro plastic fibres that are released when modern clothes are washed. “The results will be used to help educate the public that behavioural changes in their lifestyle can be a major solution to the plastic problem,” she says.

When asked about being a Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar Imogen said: “I am really excited to use this opportunity to spread awareness about plastic pollution and how we can all be a part of fixing the problem. We are all pieces of the puzzle.”