Working together to protect our oceans

Sky News presenter Isabel Webster and Sky employees took on the challenge of swapping single-use plastics out of their everyday lives for two weeks in the bid to find reusable alternatives. Watch the videos to find out how they got on!

Be an #OceanHero, swap out single-use plastics

Ever wondered how you could cut down the amount of plastic you throw away? Why not try taking your own plastic challenge to see how many single-use plastics you can swap out of your everyday life?  Making a small change like using a refillable bottle might not seem heroic, but, as less than half of the 13 billion single-use plastic bottles sold in Britain each year are recycled, your actions can help make a huge difference. Look at our top tips below for inspiration and share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Here are five ways you can help:

Nine top tips to going plastic free: