This Christmas we are urging the nation to think twice about using single-use plastics, as research reveals one third of the plastic straws and cups used will be dumped and not recycled.

84% of the nation are concerned that there is too much plastic packaging used on gifts, yet a quarter of us admit that we throw away all our Christmas present packaging.

An estimated 200 million sheets of wrapping paper will be dumped this Christmas. That’s enough to wrap around the circumference of the Earth twice!

Millions of Brits are unsure of which common Christmas items can be recycled, including cards, wrapping paper and decorations. Christmas cards and wrapping paper with glitter, plus wrapping paper that still has sticky tape attached, are all items commonly mistaken as recyclable.  50% of brits would happily receive unwrapped gifts this Christmas to help save our oceans.

It’s not just plastic packaging that we should be thinking about over the festive season. A huge 177 million plastic straws and 122 million plastic cups are expected to be used over the next few weeks, as the festive party season sweeps the nation.

Jodie Kidd, former supermodel and passionate supporter of protecting our oceans, said: “The stats about how much single-use plastic is used at Christmas are alarming but there are small, simple behaviour changes that can make a big difference. For starters, say no to straws and plastic cups when you’re celebrating this Christmas. As a pub owner, banning plastic straws and cups was one of the first decisions I made. The small things we can all do can help make all the difference to protect the health of our beautiful oceans, so be an Ocean Hero this Christmas and say no to single-use plastics.”

Here are our top tips for recycling this Christmas:

  1. Say no to single-use plastic straws, cups and cutlery 
  2. Take a reusable plastic bag when you’re doing your Christmas shopping
  3. Take the time to recycle your waste properly

Do your bit to save the oceans this Christmas and be an #OceanHero!